Faculty of Humanities
Name _ Designation Contact Email ID
Ganapathy S., M.A. _ Associate Professor 9480016046
Dinakara Rao, M.A. _ Associate Professor 9480157789 dinakarrao9@spcputtur.org
Madhusoodana, M.A. _ Asst. Professor
Harshitha P.V., M.A. _ Asst. Professor harshithapv.karkera@spcputtur.org
Subair, M.A., M.Phil. _ Associate Professor 9980207784 subair@spcputtur.org
Norbert Mascarenhas, M.A., Ph.D
_ Associate Professor 9900446981 norbertmascarenhas@spcputtur.org
Political Science:
Venkateshwari K.S., M.A.,M.Phil, _ Asst. Professor 9481390855 venkateshwariks@spcputtur.org
Bharath Kumar A., M.A _ Asst. Professor bkputtur@spcputtur.org
John B. Sequeira, M.A. _ Associate Professor 9448297252 jbom200r@spcputtur.org
Jyothi, M.A. _ Asst. Professor jyothi@spcputtur.org
Thara, M.C.J _ Asst. Professor 8277771370 tharastar88@spcputtur.org
Rashmi Vinayak, M.C.J _ Asst. Professor rashmikrbenaka@spcputtur.org


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