PG- Facilities


  1. 3500+ books
  2. Digital Library with broadband connection
  3. Spacious reading room accommodating 70+ students
  4. Separate section for Magazines and Journals
    • Stack Section
    • Reference Section
    • Newspaper Section



 Science Laboratory:

       i.       General

       ii.      Electronics

       iii.      Nuclear Physics

       iv.      Spectroscopy



Computer Center:

  1. 40+ computers
  2. Broadband connection


Commerce Lab :



I. List of items used in the day to day banking(All Forms, Formats, Challans, Vouchers and RBI guidelines)capture-cc

  1. Deposits – All types (All forms/Challans/formats)
  2. Loans – All types (All Forms/Challans/Formats)
  3. All Financial Services- Including Foreign exchange remittances of Banks, Money exchanges/Western Money/MoneyGram) and Bancassurance etc. (All Forms/Formats/Challans)
  4. E-Banking services(All Forms/Formats/Challans)

II. Accounting Vouchers (All) and Computerized accounting manuals;

III. Auditing (All Forms/Formats/Challans)

  1. Taxation (All Income tax, e-tax returns, Service tax and VAT Forms/Formats/Challans)
  2. Insurance (Life and General both) Business related -All forms/Formats/Documents.
  3. Sole trader related document copies (all)

VII. Partnership Business related document copies(all)

VIII. Joint stock Company (All Formats/Certificates/Documents)

  1. Stock Exchange related – All forms/ formats and documents.
  2. Societies, Trusts related documents (all)
  3. Mutual Funds and investments related – All forms/formats.

XII. Foreign trade (export and import documents- All Forms/Formats/Challans)

XIII. Protection of Consumer rights (All forms and documents)

XIV. Tours and travel documents (All forms/formats)

XV . Transport  and ware-house documents (all).

XVI. Small Business registration documents.

XVII. Marketing and Advertising brochures/pamphlets/documents.

XVIII. Legal documents and Acts copies, including Right to Information Act.

XIX. Annual Reports/Annual Accounts Reports of Companies.

(The above list is not an exhaustive one and the Department of Commerce of each College should obtain more latest business related documents and display them in the laboratory).


Academic Facilities:

      1. Large rooms accommodating 60 students
      2. Medium rooms accommodating 30 students
      3. Small rooms accommodating 15 students
      4. Separate rooms for specialization subject accommodating 6 students







Conference Hall accommodating 50+ persons