The study of mass spectra and decays of heavy measons with certain potentials in constituent quark models

Principal Investigator(PI)    :       Dr Antony Prakash Monterio

                                                          Assistant  Professor

                                                          P.G Department  of Physics

                                        JRF   :       Manjunath Bhat

Project summery:

The heavy quark spectroscopy has undergone a great resurgence in recent years. This is mostly due to the experiments at CLEO,DELPHI,BELLE,BABAR, etc. which have been continuously providing more accurate and new information about the hadrons from light to heavy quark flavour sectors. Since the exact from of confinement from quantum chromo dynamics (QCD) is not known, one has to go for phenomenological models in order to study the properties of hadrons. Calculations and predictions of heavy mesons properties based on the QCD of quarks and gluons through the quark models have been the subject of extensive theoretical and experimental treatment for few decades. We propose to undertake a microscopic study of the heavy meson spectroscopy and their radiative transitions in the framework of relativistic (RQM)and non relativistic quark models (NRQM) and Chiral Quark Models(CQM). The project aims to use the NROM, RQM and CQM to calculate the masses of S, P and D wave  heavy mesons and their radiative transitions.

Objectives of the project:

  • To obtain the spectra of heavy masons (S, P and D waves) in the framework of constituent quark models.
  • To make an exhaustive study of radiative transitions in heavy mesons.
  • To interpret the exotic mesons and to test the predictions of the lattice gauge theories.

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