M.Sc. Physics: Workshop on Astronomy “Vismaya Vishwa”


The Workshop on Astronomy “Vismaya Vishwa” held by P.G. and U.G. Departments of Physics, St Philomena College with the association of Pilikula Regional Science centre and Rotary Club Puttur on 13-12-2019 at St Philomena College, Puttur.  

The principal of the college Prof Leo Noronha was the president of the function.  The Campus Director of the college Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro was the inaugurator of the workshop. The P.U. principal Rev. Fr Vijay Lobo, Dr Shyama Prasad President of Rotary Club Puttur and old student of St Philomena College were the guests of honour. Dr A P Radhakrishna, H.O.D. of U.G. Physics and Dr E Deepak D Silva, Coordinator of P.G. department of Physics were present during the occasion. The inaugural function was started at 9:30 am with the prayer sung by U.G. students. Dr Chandrashekar was the master of ceremony of the entire workshop. Dr A P Radhakrishna welcomed all the gathered guests, resource persons, students and faculties arrived from other colleges, and all the people present at the instant. The chief guest Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro inaugurated the workshop by lighting the lamp.

Rev. Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro in his inaugural speech mentioned about the Galileo discovery and its advantage in Astrophysics. He insisted the students to built the habit of discussing science with the friends and thus to develop new ideas in the field of science. He praised the resource person Dr A P Bhat for its interest towards astrophysics. At last, he appreciated all the staff for conducting this workshop.

Rev. Father Vijay Lobo gave the importance of science. He told, the science is one which creates new ideas and discovers new thinks for the benefit and betterment of the society. He gave the example of curiosity the kid’s posses towards everything they see and touch. He told this curiosity is required in every adult who is working in the field of science.

After this speech, Dr Shyam Prasad spoke about the necessity of reading text books rather than e-books from the internet. He told if we don’t have proper knowledge of the source sometimes the e-book contents may be turn to be misleading one.  He also enlightened about the superstitious beliefs associated with the solar eclipse and informed the students to wipe away such misconceptions from the society.

Prof Leo Noronha in his presidential address informed that these kinds of workshops will help the ordinary people and the public to create interest regarding science related issues and happenings. It will help them to shed their fallacy on natural events and will give the capacity to distinguish between truth and belief.

At last, Dr E Deepak D’Silva spoke about the need of the workshop “Vishwa Vismaya” and heartily thanked all the guests, resource persons, faculty members, students and delegates.

After the inaugural function, Dr A P Radhakrishna introduced and welcomed resource person Prof A P Bhat. Prof. Bhat had nicely explained the solar system and gave the information on ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse which was going to appear on 26-12-2017 at 9:15 am onwards. The next resource person Atul Bhat continued the talk on solar eclipse. He gave a demo of the total and partial eclipse. Finally, he demonstrated solar eclipse viewing using a pinhole projector with the help of his student. The other resource person, Prof. H Jayantha explained about the directions (North, East, West, South) concerning the solar system. He cleared all the doubts asked by the students. He gave the precaution measures to be taken while viewing solar eclipse. He spoke about the galaxy, asteroids etc., and also showed Solar Eclipse Viewing goggles.

After the lunch break, Mr Naveen Chandra showed some scientific models made by papers to be helpful for students. He had done many models like Chandrayana, rockets etc. He also shared some website links which is useful and cost-effective in preparing models for students.  He also displayed some beautifully captured photography of the moon, asteroids etc.

After that, Dr A P Radhakrishna gave a lecture on the topics like astronomy, galaxy, solar system, etc. In the last session Mr Jagannath from Pilikula regional science centre had briefly described about the centre and its planetarium. He told: The Science Centre is set up in an area of about 10 acres, has a built-up area of approx. 4000 sq.m. It houses three exhibition galleries, a temporary exhibition hall, an inflatable dome planetarium, science demonstration area, activity area, an air-conditioned auditorium, a 3D theatre facility, library, conference hall, computer room, a small workshop for maintenance of exhibits and other public facilities. With his talk, the workshop was successfully ended with the great support from the delegates.

Finally, Dr A P Radhakrishna thanked all the resource persons, delegates and staff members for their incredible support to the workshop.



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