PG- Facilities


Sl No Type of Document Numbers
1 Books 8455+
2 Thesis and Dissertations   235+
3 Periodicals
Journals     26
Magazines     17
News papers     10
4 Bound Volumes of Journals   212+
5 Non Book Materials  (CD/DVDs)   190+
6 E- Books 4430+
  • Lending
  • Book Reservation
  • Book Renewal
  • Paper clipping
  • Reference
  • IT Facilities
  • Digital Library and E-Resources
  • Bulletin Board services
Membership Details and Borrowing Privileges

Faculty Members, Research Scholars, Students of Post-Graduate Departments and Administrative Staff of the College are members of the library. Each member is issued with a membership card and borrowers tickets as per their eligibility given below.

Faculty 15+01
Research Scholar 03+01
Post Graduate Student 03+01
Office Staff 02+01
Library Provides Open Access System
System used in the library is open access. Students/Staff can go directly to the racks and selected the book of their choice
Lending service:
  1. Each student is issued with four Borrower’s Cards and a Membership Card.
  2. For the career guidance books, only the Borrower’s card with yellow colour is preferred.
  3. Books issued for home reading must be returned within 15 days. Due date is found on the due date label pasted on the book.
  4. The book once borrowed may be renewed on production of the book at the counter, before the expiry of the due date. However renewal requests will not the honored if that particular book is demanded by other students.
  1. Each Staff is issued with Fifteen Borrower’s Cards and a Membership Cards
  2. For the career guidance books, only the Borrower’s card with yellow colour is preferred.
  3. Books issued for home reading must be returned within 30 days. Due date is found on the due date label pasted on the book.
Outside Members:

Those outsiders such as alumni/staff/ other than regular members who are willing to borrow books from P.G library are requested to get permission letter from chairman.

Library Rules and Regulations
General Rules and Regulations
  • Strict silence must be observed in the library at all times.
  • Students are prohibited from carrying edible items to the library.
  • Library membership is compulsory for all the students and Staff.
  • Library cards are not transferable.
  • Students have to swipe the ID card for Movement Register purpose whenever they visit the library.
  • While entering the library, students/staff should produce their Identity Card. They are not allowed to bring their own books inside the library except a note Book.
  • Reference books, theses and project reports and periodicals/bound journals are not home issued.
  • Students should not keep money or any valuable things in their bags kept at property counter.
  • Students shall be held responsible for any damage done to the books while in their possession. Students are advised to check the books issued to them in the library. If any damage is found, the same should be brought to the notice of the Librarian. Complaints about the book will not be entertained at the time of returning books.
  • 100.00 will be charged for duplicate card in case of loss or damage of Library card
  • For loss of Library book the member has to pay the price of the book plus fine.
  • Students must behave well in the library and must not damage library property or disturb other readers.
  • A member who fails to return the book within the due date shall pay Rs 3 per day as overdue charge.
  • The book once borrowed may be renewed on production of the book at the counter, before the expiry of the due date. However renewal request will not be honored if that book is demanded by other members.
  • Students should return library books and surrender their library cards to the library and obtain No Due Certificate before receiving admission tickets for the examinations.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed inside the library.
  • Eating and sleeping are not allowed in the Library.
Rules and Regulations of Digital Library
  • Identity card must be presented and deposited before using the digital library facility.
  • Strict silence must be observed in the Digital library at all times.
  • CD/DVDs should not to be taken outside the Library.
  • Changing the settings and display of the Computers kept in the Digital Library are not allowed.
  • Recreational Activity like Playing games, Online Chatting and Accessing Social Networking sites are Prohibited.
  • Browsing of Dating, Networking of friendship and porn website is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.
  • Downloading, Installing and running of software other than those already installed on the computer station not allowed.
  • Illegal / Unlawful activities such as hacking, deleting of files, Changing/ Tweaking of system configuration /passwords resulting damage of system and network are prohibited.

The computerized Library services made available with full fledged computer facility from the academic year 2014-2015 with the purchase of the multi user ‘E-LIB’ software. All the in-house activities of the library like accessing and cataloguing, member’s data, circulation service, serial control and report generation etc were computerized.

Library Advisory Committee:

Sl No Name of the Committee members Designation
01 Prof Leo Noronha Principal
02 Rev Dr Antony Prakash Monteiro Chairman
03 Rev Fr Rithesh Rodrigues Convenor
04 Mr Praveen Prakash D’Souza Member
05 Mr Manohara S G Member
06 Ms Noothana Kumari M Member
Know your librarians
Name Designation E-mail
Mr Manohara S G Librarian
Ms Noothana Kumari M Librarian



 Science Laboratory:

       i.       General

       ii.      Electronics

       iii.      Nuclear Physics

       iv.      Spectroscopy



Computer Center:

  1. 40+ computers
  2. Broadband connection


Commerce Lab :



I. List of items used in the day to day banking(All Forms, Formats, Challans, Vouchers and RBI guidelines)capture-cc

  1. Deposits – All types (All forms/Challans/formats)
  2. Loans – All types (All Forms/Challans/Formats)
  3. All Financial Services- Including Foreign exchange remittances of Banks, Money exchanges/Western Money/MoneyGram) and Bancassurance etc. (All Forms/Formats/Challans)
  4. E-Banking services(All Forms/Formats/Challans)

II. Accounting Vouchers (All) and Computerized accounting manuals;

III. Auditing (All Forms/Formats/Challans)

  1. Taxation (All Income tax, e-tax returns, Service tax and VAT Forms/Formats/Challans)
  2. Insurance (Life and General both) Business related -All forms/Formats/Documents.
  3. Sole trader related document copies (all)

VII. Partnership Business related document copies(all)

VIII. Joint stock Company (All Formats/Certificates/Documents)

  1. Stock Exchange related – All forms/ formats and documents.
  2. Societies, Trusts related documents (all)
  3. Mutual Funds and investments related – All forms/formats.

XII. Foreign trade (export and import documents- All Forms/Formats/Challans)

XIII. Protection of Consumer rights (All forms and documents)

XIV. Tours and travel documents (All forms/formats)

XV . Transport  and ware-house documents (all).

XVI. Small Business registration documents.

XVII. Marketing and Advertising brochures/pamphlets/documents.

XVIII. Legal documents and Acts copies, including Right to Information Act.

XIX. Annual Reports/Annual Accounts Reports of Companies.

(The above list is not an exhaustive one and the Department of Commerce of each College should obtain more latest business related documents and display them in the laboratory).


Academic Facilities:

      1. Large rooms accommodating 60 students
      2. Medium rooms accommodating 30 students
      3. Small rooms accommodating 15 students
      4. Separate rooms for specialization subject accommodating 6 students







Conference Hall accommodating 50+ persons