Science Model Demonstration by Msc Physics Students

The MSc Physics students from the Center for PG studies and research, St. Philomena College have designed and constructed various science models. These models were demonstrated on 8 August 2013, in the Nuclear Physics lab of the department. The Principal of the college Prof. Leo Norohna, Chairperson of P.G. Studies Rev. Dr. Antony Prakash Monteiro, faculty members of various departments, first year MSc students have witnessed the demonstration. On the occasion principle encourage the creativity of the students by saying, “Good idea leads to good inventions, the man of science thinks practically”.  Chairperson of P.G. Studies appreciated the students and said, “Searching ideas from various sources and transforming those ideas into reality, develops research thinking. Practical hands on experience are more useful, rather than listening to the theory”.

Following were the projects prepared and demonstrated by the students:

Active cell phone detectora

Noise meter and rain alarm

Fastest finger press quiz indicator

Clap Switch

2×5 watt stereo power amplifier

Power generator

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